• Materials & solutions for infant and inco diapers, sanitary napkins & wipes
  • In the hygienic market we have more than 17 years of experience. During all these years we have not only been working with leading companies in their respective regions but also we have helped our clients to obtain a distinguished knowledge, to develop their products, differentiate, innovate and reduce total costs, with the final goal of always offering a proposal of differentiated value that translates into added value, which is economically tangible.

  • We are primarily focus on the following materiales:
    • Elastic solutions for side tabs, waistband and training pants.
    • Hook & loop closing systems for baby diapers and incontinence.
    • Non-wovens (Carded, SB, SMS, SMMS and others) for Hygienic solutions.
    • Acquisition Distribution Layers (ADL) for baby diapers and Inco.
    • Aperture films for feminine top sheet hygiene.
    • Embossed cast & blown PE/PP for mono and coex extrusion films.
    • Laminates of films and Nonwovens for back-sheet diapers.
    • Breathable Laminates for baby diapers and incontinence.
    • Cellulose for baby diapers and adult.
    • Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).
  • In recent years we have launched a process together with our suppliers to develop recyclable or reusable solutions for our customers. Sustainability is becoming a more important point for our customers and we at DEIAX are already acting to contribute to the ecological commitment and our environment.
  • In DEIAX we are aware of the need to contribute positively to our environment, a very important issue in the 21st century; therefore, when we value starting to work with a supplier, we place great importance on the fact that the supplier, in its mission, values or vision, places an important emphasis on the environmental impact.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our sales executives can advise you in case you have needs for your hygienic products, whether it is diapers, sanitary napkins or wet towels.


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