Flexible packaging

  • Flexible packaging solutions for food, petfood, beverage, hygiene and personal care.
  • In the flexible packaging market we have more than 17 years of experience. During all these years we have not only been working with leading companies in their respective regions but we have also helped our clients to obtain a distinguished knowledge, develop their products, differentiate, innovate and reduce total cost; with the final goal of always offering a proposal of differentiated value that translates into value, which is economically tangible.

  • In Flexible packaging we are specialized in:
    • Triplex & quadruple laminate structures.
    • Hi barrier films such as EVOH, Siox and Alox.
    • Rotogravure printing up to 10 stations, solvent and water based.
    • HD Flexo and OffSet-Hybrid upt to 10 colours.
    • Lamination for duplex and triplex with adhesive and water based.
    • Laser scoring features for laminates.
    • Thermo-forming films for medical disposable devices.
    • Direct seal, medical paper and grid lacquer paper for syringes, catheters, tubes among others.
    • Profound knowledge in the following flexible packaging markets:
      • Retort for ready ambient meals for human food.
      • Retort for wet Petfood.
      • Duplex and Triplex structures for Dry food FFS and Premade format.
      • Bag On Valve (BOV) Solutions for food, cosmetics, asthma and creams.
      • Single portion coffee such the concept Nespresso.TM
      • Mono and Duplex structures for snacks and confectionery.
      • Medical sterile devices and hospitals (Gamma, ETO and Steam).
      • Pharmaceutical sachet and transdermal format.
  • In recent years we have launched a process together with our suppliers to develop recyclable or reusable solutions for our customers. Sustainability is becoming a more important point for our customers and we at DEIAX are already acting to contribute to the ecological commitment and our environment.
  • In DEIAX we are aware of the need to contribute positively to our environment, a very important issue in the 21st century; therefore, when we value starting to work with a supplier, we place great importance on the fact that the supplier, in its mission, values or vision, places an important emphasis on the environmental impact.
  • Please do not hesitate if you need help in order to select the best flexible packaging solutions for your products.

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