DEIAX, a company founded in Bern, Switzerland and based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, is a commercial platform specialized in the commercialization and distribution of manufactured products for companies producing hygienic and flexible packaging products.

In DEIAX, we aim to provide a comprehensive and unique value proposition for our clients who have the need to export and commercialize their products abroad with a focus in Europe, Middle East and Mexico.

History and team

DEIAX was founded by an industrial engineer with studies in USA and Switzerland with extensive international experience with senior commercial and management positions in leading global companies in the hygiene and flexible packaging industry.

DEIAX started after identifying a need in the hygienic market for small and medium-sized industrial companies interested to sale their products abroad, with limited business resources, with complex barriers of entry such as language, culture, geographical distance, lack of market expertise, the need to avoid the risks and bureaucracy with employment over seas, but at the same time, companies with leading products in their region, high quality, innovative, cost competitive and with an exceptional team.

As a result of this need, in 2012 DEIAX started with its first client with the objective to empower its business abroad.

In January 2017, DEIAX opened its new commercial office in Mexico via a local Mexican partner, specializing in solutions for the flexible packaging industry

Today, DEIAX has expanded considerably, works with several clients, primarily in Europe, Middle East and Mexico for companies from United States, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.


Empower the business abroad for our clients in the hygienic and flexible packaging market through a unique commercial platform that fosters absolutely a competitive advantage and creates long term value.


Become the most passionate, innovative and respected company in the commercialization and distribution of manufactured materials  for companies producing hygienic and flexible packaging products in Europe, Middle East and Mexico.


        * Integrity    * Customer    * Value creation     * Innovation     * Discipline

Our culture

In DEIAX we are known for our culture around 5 key behaviors:

  1. Fast pace.
  2. Passion for what we do.      
  3. No surprises.           
  4. Over deliver.
  5. Credibility.

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