DEIAX Services

The services at DEIAX are for B2B companies that are interested in marketing and commercializing their products abroad through an expert business partner.

In DEIAX we offer 5 highly specialized product lines:

Marketing & commercializing your product: sell your product in markets where our clients have a high barrier of entry due to technical sales limitations, geographical, "know-how" or another. DEIAX is focus on those markets where we offer a competitive advantage due to our technical and commercial competencies.

Distribution of your product: we buy and import your product as a wholesaler and we take full responsibility for the marketing, commercialisation and distribution of your product in specific markets where you want to expand and grow your business.

Storage and warehouse solutions: we provide customized solutions and comprehensive warehouse systems in storage, stock management, consignment, VMI, among other solutions for your company, which offer an additional service and value to your customer.

Advise for your commercial process and sales force: we advise companies how to measure and assess their commercial sales process and the effectiveness of its sales force through our unique methodology ¨DEIAX Value+ Selling™”.

Operational management of your virtual office abroad: we operate as your virtual sales office abroad taking full responsibility of the commercial operation. From invoicing, customer service in the local time zone and language, claim management, logistics tracking, tax administration and sales office property management. This service is for those companies that are interested on outsourcing their operation.

Our solutions provide a differential value to our customers when it comes to:

  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Reduce risk in the marketing and commercialization process.
  • Define the size of the opportunity in the face of your business strategy.
  • Build customer confidence and manage end-day on the relationship.
  • Get a faster and superior payback than other commercial alternatives.


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