What makes us unique?

DEIAX is characterized by 3 core competencies:

1. Our unique methodology “DEIAX Value+ Selling™” 

The pillars of our methodology are based on four tools embedded in a systematic business process.

  1. Our methodology follows a systematic process. The first step is the "SBP (Strategic Budget Planning)", which is a rigorous market research and annual budget process that allows you to set common goals and expectations.
  2. Our second step is, DNS (Deiax Negotiation Systems), which is a continuous systematic process of negotiation that maximizes the benefits for your business.
  3. The third step is our DWMM (Deiax Wallet Margin Management) methodology, which in conjunction with our clients and suppliers we work together to maximize the P&L of your existing customers.
  4. Finally, we turn to our SATS (Sales Action Tracking System); a systematic process, which tracks the existing and future commercial actions to ensure you maximize the value of your sales.


Finally, our methodology is an on going process where we work continuously with our tools to deliver added value to our customers continuously. Our methodology is the result of a team with over 15 years of executive business experience.

2. Market & product expertise

The DEIAX team focuses on products markets where we have extensive experience, numerous contacts in the industry and in-depth technical knowledge. This allows us to offer a differentiated and unique value to our customers. In our flexible packaging and hygienic section about markets; you can see our specific knowledge and areas of expertise.

3. Business Philosophy & culture


In DEIAX we like to think that besides our unique methodology, process and experience, we are also different thanks to our business philosophy and culture, which are founded around 7 key elements.



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