Our clients

Our clients are industrial B2B companies, usually small to mid size and privately owned with limited commercial resources. These companies usually need to market and commercialize their products abroad, through a local partner, specialized, with a technical know-how, flexible, fast paced and cost competitive.


Our clients usually offer a competitive advantage in some form or shape such as a leading product in terms of quality, technical support, innovation, service and cost competitive:


Furthermore, in DEIAX we focus in manufactured materials for disposable hygienic products for companies producing products such as infant diapers, adult incontinence diapers, sanitary napkins, among others.


DEIAX offers extensive experience in the following geographies where in the past 15 years has worked with suppliers, customers and consumers thereby obtaining a differentiated experience in these markets and specific regions:

  • Europe: across Europe.

  • Americas: United States, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.
  • Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey and Israel.
  • Asia: Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

We also like to highlight that today DEIAX is an innovator and pioneer in the markets that we serve, with state of the art products, top clients and products, and a unique commercial solutions that bring value to the market place.

The experiences of our clients are: 

  • Our clients increase their sales and profits.
  • Identify needs and opportunities on the market place.
  • Continuously obtain added value via our services.
  • Develop new opportunities with existing and new customers.
  • Empower their business abroad through a unique competitive solution.

The result of our business model is that today DEIAX works with industrial clients from several
continents, selling their products in Europe, Middle East and Mexico in the hygiene and flexible packaging market.

Furthermore, in line with our commitment to provide measurable and tangible economical value, our customers have grown their sales year on year, have maximized their profit and they have empower the brand of their products. As a result, today there are more customers that are contacting DEIAX to seek commercial solutions to empower their business abroad.

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